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What should we eat hummus with? Ways to eat hummus, quick recipes and ideas

Hummus is an extremely versatile addition to the diet. No wonder it has been gradually conquering our market and over the last years has won the hearts of more consumers. It goes well with many ingredients you are sure to find in your fridge.  Chickpea spread is known for its delicate flavour, which is easy to combine with other flavour notes.

So preparing a delicious breakfast or snack starring hummus should not be a problem for you. Are you in need of inspiration? We look forward to seeing you!

How to serve hummus?

It is above all the thick, creamy texture of hummus that makes it possible to serve it with so many different ingredients. Here are some of the popular formats in which you will most often encounter chickpea spread:

  • on a sandwich (a classic of the genre, you have certainly had this kind of breakfast more than once);
  • in pita or tortilla (an interesting take-away idea, very versatile, great with fresh vegetables);
  • on rice cakes or biscuits (an excellent option for a quick snack);
  • in salad (fresh, healthy and crunchy);
  • as a dip for fresh diced vegetables (carrots, celery or peppers);
  • instead of sauce (yes, hummus is also great in lunch dishes);
  • as an accompaniment to salty snacks, pretzels, grissini or rolls (just perfect for a party). These combos you will find in our range.

Are you wondering, what should we eat hummus with?

What kind of ingredients will go well with hummus? There are so many! We have already mentioned several types of bread and their alternatives (crackers, rice cakes). But after all, it is good to add variety to every sandwich. What should we eat hummus with? Which vegetables will go well with chickpea spread? Which spices should we add?

For hummus, it is best to choose vegetables with a crunchy texture. Carrots, peppers, radishes, celery, kohlrabi, cauliflower – choose the ones you like and cut them into sticks, then dip and eat. Hummus will do the rest!

And what about spices? There are so many possibilities. Remember: it is traditionally accepted that it is appropriate to pair hummus with exotic spices. However, be sure to allow yourself some room for a bit of madness and  experimentation. Dried dill, marjoram or poppy seeds can prove to be just as great companions for chickpea paste as cumin, zatar, nigella or sumac! Test out different combinations and you’ll quickly realise that hummus is a bit like a chameleon – it can adapt. So start testing with your absolutely favourite spices, and you may find a combination you fall in love with.

Quick hummus recipes

For breakfast, lunch or a quick snack. A bit of hummus will work miracles! We invite you to be inspired by the recipes we have prepared for quick and tasty meals and snacks.

Not a lot of time this morning, you have to leave soon, but it would be advisable to have a nutritious breakfast? A hummus salad comes to the rescue. Wash and cut up some vegetables: yellow peppers, red onions, olives, lettuce, rocket or spinach leaves. Add nuts or seeds if you like and have them on hand, salad cheese and bulgur wheat can also be added. Drizzle with lemon and olive oil, add some coarsely ground pepper and parsley. And now the showstopper: paprika hummus! We recommend putting a serving of hummus directly on the plate and spreading it evenly, and putting the rest of the salad on top of this layer. Quick and easy? Yes. Tastes good? Well, it’s delicious!

How about a recipe with hummus that would be suitable for dinner? No problem! Something for pescatarians: chickpea spread tastes great accompanied by salmon. We particularly recommend a fresh, intriguing dish: a sesame-crusted salmon fillet on a hummus cushion. Clean the fillet, brush with sesame oil. Gently roast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan, then coat the salmon with the seeds. Bake in a preheated 200℃ oven for about 15 minutes. Time to serve! Heat a plate, layer and shape the classic hummus and top with the salmon fillet. Pour over a little lemon juice, olive oil and pepper. And it’s ready!

Hummus in the range Perla TABLE FOODS something new for every day of the week

Take a peek at our website and browse through the products on offer. Here you will find classic flavours, such as: tomato, with beetroot, paprika, as well as with a variety of toppings. Find something for you. Bon appetite!

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