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We reduce, not produce. 84% less plastic in Table Foods packaging

Contemporary consumers- dynamic, demanding, conscious. They want the best at hand, to take care of the planet, to feel good about their choices. They are great maximizers. At Table Foods, we get involved in the creative process of designing products for such people. We provide great products, place them in recyclable packaging, and look for green solutions that we too feel good about.

Sustainable packaging at Table Foods

Today every choice is our personal signature, and sometimes even a manifesto: this is what I like, this is what I don’t accept, this is my world, this is the path I travel. In a world of abundance and excess, we also watch the actions of others with curiosity and vigilance. This applies to both customers and companies.
At Table Foods, we are committed to being dynamic and transparent. We act, we change, we improve, and we have no problem talking about it – clearly and openly. When we launch new products, we challenge ourselves a lot and ask many questions: how do we bring great ideas to life? How to maintain high quality? All our activities are well underpinned by a nutritionally balanced diet, but we never forget, that food is also about fun, pampering and surprising flavors. We combine concern for the planet and ecology with the convenience and aesthetics of packaging, because we simply know it can be done.

We consider all of this, because we act with great energy and are not afraid of challenges. We ask ourselves all these questions and take the subsequent steps, because we want to give our customers everything they need, as quickly as possible. We need less time for some of the changes, and more time for others. So we began with the most important steps. We have reduced our use of plastic by 84%, and the one we still use is homogeneous or ‘single phase’ recyclable plastic. We strive to minimize trash and to reclaim and reuse raw materials.

We have launched a new line of sustainable packaging made of biodegradable cardboard, which reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 38%. Each is recyclable, once the paper is separated from the foil. We designed the complete package so that the consumer can enjoy the fresh taste of our hummus range, and afterwards is able to quickly and conveniently segregate the packaging.  At Table Foods, we know how to satisfy the consumer, take care of the product and care of the planet at the same time.

Why is green packaging important?

We are all familiar with the tragic images: countless tons of plastic in the seas and oceans, beaches littered with wrappers and plastic foil, forests full of abandoned bags of waste. Seeing this is heartbreaking, which is why we need to start taking action, to confront recklessness and the effects of global warming. Each of us is a consumer, and we have a great deal of power, all of us, as a group. We should support changes and expect the commitment of companies and creatives in implementing them. Those of us who are manufacturers should feel a sense of responsibility, for what we produce and how we produce it.

At Table Foods, we know that green packaging is important. It’s no longer a fad or a desirable minimalist design. It is a necessity to design the entire production process. Starting with the product, the packaging, and ending with how to use and dispose of it. So as to eliminate the hazardous nature of the materials used along the way and reduce the volume of waste or to be able to recycle and reuse it. And all of this, with the lowest possible use of natural resources, water and energy.

At Table Foods, we are consciously and loudly addressing the climate crisis. We are a manufacturer, but we are also part of the ecosystem, so our objective is to take care of the environment, speak about it with a clear voice and encourage others to be proactive.
Be proud to share your green choices together with us.

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