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Transparency means freedom

Right from the start, Table Foods has been committed to transparent operations. We stay in touch, open and public. We have nothing to hide, and this gives us the freedom and the energy to fully focus on creating delicious food. In our opinion, our own smart, honest and courageous actions help us reach smart, honest
and courageous customers.

So, how does transparency work at Table Foods?

We provide delicious snacks that are always close at hand, so that you can eat something tasty at any time, also when meeting with others – and then you can share it with them. At the same time, we make sure that our food is delicious and adds variety to the daily food-conscious diet. Whether vegan, vegetarian or simply looking for interesting flavors, the reasons and objectives are diverse. Our customers know perfectly well what they need. And then it is our pleasure, to engage in a respectful dialogue with them and invite them into the world of Table Foods.
Find out how we do it.

Transparency evident to the naked eye

Why take anyone’s word for it, when you can see for yourself, check and experience?
We decided to make it all possible for our customers, already at the stage of reaching for the product in the store. Hummus, antipasti, salads and wraps are packed in such a way, so that you can immediately see what’s inside. And they are all top quality fresh ingredients, appetizing extras and spices.

Transparency within arm’s reach

At Table Foods, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide full information about what we do, how we do it, and what our products contain. That’s why we included QR codes on all of our packaging. Once you scan them, you can immediately go to the site and get information about the product or the company.

Transparency built into the operations

We act transparently when the customer is in direct contact with the product. This is no different when it comes to other activities of our company.  Environmental values are important to us, we care about the natural environment, encourage people to be proactive and set a good example ourselves. We are introducing eco-friendly packaging made of biodegradable cardboard reducing plastic consumption by 84% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 38%.

Why is being transparent so important these days?

This question no longer surprises anyone, since the market belongs to consumers who are increasingly making informed decisions.
Our reply to such a question is openness, honesty and being close at hand, at every stage.
We believe that our food connects, we know how to produce it, while at the same time taking care of the planet, because we want to be the change you expect.

Nowadays, in a world of high competition and many opportunities, people can choose those brands that act in a way that they approve of, that are acceptable to them. The product itself is still important, but what also matters more and more are the conditions under which it was produced, whether workers are paid fairly, and whether the company cares about ecology and sustainability. Personal preferences make some people decide against purchasing the product or look for alternatives rather than abandon their own principles.
We realize this, which is why our ambition is to turn the dream of transparency into real action, and this is what you can expect from us today, tomorrow and in years to come.

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