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To share a table is to be together

A break from work, a breather from a long business meeting. A long-awaited Saturday trip out of the city. An evening concert, dancing and a dinner under the stars. You already have company, you take your favorite Table Foods snacks and organize a shared “table”. It can be a bench in front of the office, a meadow or a blanket. This is irrelevant. The most important thing is that you will all be together.

We share, so that we can be together

To us, the most valuable asset that any human being has is time. The present day draws in and prompts many choices every day, but even while letting ourselves be swept up in this whirlwind of events, we wish to assert our lifestyle and values. That’s why it means so much today to give loved ones and friends a piece of our time and focus on them. In return, we get wonderful moments and memories for a lifetime, new points of view and emotions that are priceless.

Trying out a new pub with friends presents a bunch of options and choices, a time when diverse tastes and expectations meet. This gives us the opportunity for group tasting, comparing tastes and impressions. By meeting like this and sharing time and opinions, we have the opportunity to try something we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

We share to experience

It is the presence of others that makes us capable of experiencing more sensations and experiencing things more intensely. Fellowship brings closeness and joy, influences our well-being and a sense of fulfillment, which we cherish in our memories.

Memories about smells, tastes, kind gestures, encouraging words. Most often they lead us to other people. You remember it when someone turned on your favorite song to cheer you up. He made you a sandwich with your favorite paprika hummus and radish. Or gave you your favorite Lily of the Valley flowers. You cherish moments full of affectionate and kind gestures, appreciate that someone remembers things that you like, and just wants to be near you. Time spent with others is giving, which actually means receiving. When we are together, we experience everything more intensely, share our time, and simultaneously magnify our energy and emotions.

We share, because we enjoy good food

The table has always been a place for coming together, and today, in a fast-paced world, we need our shared table even more, even though it is sometimes different from the traditional one in our family home kitchen. We can organize a shared meal at a friend’s house or buy hummus, baguettes, olives and sit in a park or in a square. For us, a table is not an object or a specific place. In our opinion, it’s all about community and the opportunity to meet, which can happen anywhere, even in the subway or on a mountain trail. Everything depends on whether we want to meet, share our time and join the community.

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