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Diversity, Caring, Community, Choice. The Vision, Mission and Values of Table Foods

We knew two things from the beginning. First, that we want our food to connect. At the table, at a picnic, or even on a park bench – any place where people want to be together. Secondly, we want to show that it is possible to create ready-made, delicious dishes and snacks that go hand in hand with mindful, healthy eating.

Mission of Table Foods

Thanks to our mission, every day the bar is set very high. We do not lose sight of the objective or the people for whom we create our products. We keep our eyes wide open and follow the trends, and when we know we can get even better – we just change and improve what we can.
We believe that ready-made snacks can be not only tasty, but also nutritious. That’s why we try to give our products a unique character, while keeping in mind their nutritional value.

We have a whole range of excellent products. With the delightful variety of antipasti, hummus with toppings that many have not dreamed of, salads and wraps with interesting arrangements.

Our mission is to provide snacks that are distinctive in taste, variety, quality. Our manufacturing process is eco- and planet-friendly, we strive to be a leader in sustainable nutrition.

Vision of Table Foods

Our Vision makes us look wide and far ahead. We have achieved a lot already to position ourselves as a valuable, bold and strong brand. We’re going to accomplish even more!
We think of consumers who, despite their daily rush, make conscious, nutritional choices and look for Table Foods products on the shelves. We see people sharing wraps over a business lunch. We imagine them taking our olives, peppers, hummus on trips to the woods with friends or to outdoor events.

Values of Table Foods

A balanced diet

Offering products to customers, from the ready-made snacks category, we really do feel a sense of great responsibility. Because they put the planning of their meal in our hands and trust that what they eat will not only be delicious, but also nutritious. We are constantly looking for new ideas to prepare the best food that combines excellent taste and a balanced diet. That’s why our recipes are 90% plant-based, and there are no preservatives or unnecessary additives in the formulation.

Intelligent innovation

We love great food, so we would like to share it. We also love our planet and feel responsible for it, so manufacturing is based on technologically advanced solutions. We have reduced our use of plastic to the minimum, and the plastic we still use is recyclable. We have launched a line of eco-friendly, paper packaging made of biodegradable cardboard.
And this is only the beginning. We have further measures in store to make our operations even more eco-friendly and responsible. For You and for the Planet.


Positive changes

We demand a lot of ourselves in what we do. However, we can’t imagine that it could be otherwise if one is in the business of food production.
If we know that our products can be better or produced in a more eco- friendly way, we do everything possible to make it happen. This was one of the reasons why we have moved our operations to a new, more efficient and cost-effective plant. And it is for this reason that we are about to make further steps that will inspire the industry and other manufacturers to take action.

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