About us

Table Foods was established to share: flavors, diversity, time spent together, and concern for the planet

Table Foods doesn't just mean food, it's an invitation to be part of a community of people who make informed food choices with interesting and diverse flavors. Our objective is to create both tasty and nutritious food that will have a positive impact on people. We hope that together with us you will become part of a community exchanging opinions, values and ways of consuming food in a mindful and informed manner.

our vision our vision our vision

Our vision

To drive positive change

Through tasty, balanced and diverse food. While leading us towards a more sustainable future.

Our mission

To be a pioneer in our food categories and a leader

in sustainable nutrition practices. Our mission is to deliver diverse, tasty, and eco friendly products.

Our values


Love of food and of the planet makes us combine what seems challenging: manufacturing and ecology. We strive to ensure that the only thing left over from our products is… insatiability.

possitive changes

No words can replace real action, so we are proactive, inspiring and leading by example. Change is constant for us, we are always improving and changing to prepare food which is even better.

a balanced diet

No one will ever persuade us or you anymore that you have to choose between taste, health and convenience. We prove that food can be both balanced, full of flavor and nutritious, without unnecessary additives and preservatives.



TABLE FOODS is launching a new line of ecological packaging made of biodegradable cardboard. Our goal is to launch a product dedicated to modern consumers, to collaborate with our business partners in order to reduce the amount of plastics used in packaging and to provide excellent quality products.

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